This Data Center is designed by following criteria.

  • High Availability – All infrastructure are reference the Uptime institute and TIA-942 guideline to design the fully redundant and N+1 topology, which can provide the 99.98% reliability.
  • Modularize Design – With modularize implement, there has no any downtime when the device needs to repair or replacement, and also have maximum expandable ability.
  • Customize IDC Service – We provide customize service in each infrastructure device, which could fulfill user’s any request.
  • Automatic Management – Any mechanism fault occurs, the system will automatically switch to backup device, and will send the alert message to operator or user within a minute.

This Data Center could provide the customer with most stabilize and secure environment with high-efficiency and cost effective, especially to the enterprises, telecom providers, government, financial, who can’t afford the risk for data lost.


  • Professional facility construction and management service
  • The 99.98% availability via multiple loop design
  • Private power transformer station which can provide the most immediately and stable power when the city power outage or lost.
  • CUMMINS 1000KVA US/EPA x4, 24-hr continuous operation generator
  • Hot aisle containment arrangement
  • Year-round Nonstop network, security and building environment management

  • Full separated of electricity and network wiring tray
  • Provide the Meet-Me room for interconnections among international and domestic carriers

  • Dual loop electric power
  • UPS room is designed with redundant wiring loops, plus with dual N+1 redundant UPS system
  • High-efficiency high-performance battery groups providing emergency power supply as needed
  • N+1 diesel generators providing emergency power supply,Generator systems equipped with backup diesel fuel tank and out-door fuel in-take for additional fuel supply

  • Dual air-conditioning system operation of Water-cooled system and Air-cooled (backup) system
  • Dual loop air conditioning system
  • Computer room air handler (CRAH)
  • Chilled Water air conditioning,Water cooling tower,Leakage monitoring

Fire Alarm
  • Smoke exhausting system
  • VESDA system (Very Early Smoke Detecting Alarm System)
  • Use NOVEC 1230 fire extinguisher
  • Multi-detection to prevent false alarm & action from happening
IDC-Fire Alarm

IDC-Security System
Security Systems
  • Building entrance security
  • RFID Reader, (Radio Frequency Identification system)
  • Cabinet/Cage access control
  • IP CAM for surveillance

Environmental Control System
  • Monitor the temperature, humidity, water and fuel leakage, fire and smoke, power switching,battery voltage, oil tank capacity and security entrance
  • 24x7x365 NOC (Network Operation Center) monitors
IDC-Environmental Control System

IDC-Other Features
Other Features:
  • Resist the SRC building structure of 7.0 earthquake.
  • Heightening design for prevent flooding