Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Support HTTP/S
  • DNS zone view query
  • Static content accelerate
  • Dynamic content (most of country) proxy
  • Global throughput > 3.5Tbps
  • Standard L4/L7 attack mitigation
Content Delivery Network (CDN) | Anson Network
The difference between us and the other vendors is that we do not win by the number of global CDN edges, but rather that we go to different cities with targeted customers, even locking several different ISP to build CDN edge to provide the very best transmission quality. Our CDN service are also can bundled with our DDoS protect products to let you obtain more competitive prices.
Anson Network provide global CDN and china CDN (third party). Our CDN PoPs span the globe and offer different CDN groups for high population density or geographic features to make sure the quality above a certain level.

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