Cyber Attack

DDoS is a Cyberattack to dispute the normal traffic of targeted server, web services and infrastructures by a flood of internet traffic. It is getting normal and becoming the primary concern of internet security to the enterprise. Our protection is through the integration of the following mechanisms for traffic filtering:

  • Auto learning normal behavior according to different customer service characteristics.
  • Real-time attack analysis.
  • Integration attack analysis data from around the world.
  • Provide customers define to filtering country, IP, protocol, port number, string, application layer parameters
Distributed filtering:

Our global scrubbing PoPs always filter out the nearest source of attack to improve cleaning efficiency.

Hierarchical filtering:

At the outermost layer, when our scrubbing edge performing global protection, the more common the attack, the more customers can feel the full efficiency protection.

In the inner layer, using our scrubbing core for customized protection, each customer can have their own protective pattern to make the service more flexible.

Suitable for Enterprise
Banking / Financial E-Commerce Gaming
Layer 3/4 Protect
Layer 7 Protect
Scrubbing Capacity 10Gbps / 40Mpps 100Gbps / 400Mpps Unlimited
Clean Bandwidth (bps) 5M - 100M 50M - 500M 30M - 10G
Clean Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Protect IP amount 3 8 16
InHouse X-Connect
GRE Tunnel    
Reverse Proxy
CNAME binding
Always On
Collect and Analysis
Global Risk IP Database
Flood Protection
SYN Flood
ACK Flood
UDP Flood
ICMP Flood
Connection Flood
NTP Flood
SSDP Flood
DNS Flood
Custom Filter
Black & White List
Country Access Control
Character Filter
Header Protecion
LAND Attack
Smurf Attack
HTTP Protection
Server Load Balancing Supported
HTTP/2 Supported
HTTP URL filter
HTTP Flood
CC Attack
SQL Injection Attack
XSS Attack
OS Commanding Attack
Trojans Attack
X-Frame-Option Filter
X-Content-Type-Option Filter
Cookie Security
7 x 24 NOC support
5 x 8 SOC support
7 x 24 SOC support    
Value-Add Extension
Free HTTP Cache (CDN)   5TB 10TB
Header Condition Define  
Payload Condition Define  
Web Availability Amplifier (WAA)    
Custom Signature